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A. Object of Valuation:
– Townhouses, villas, condominiums. Workshops, factories, warehouses, yards, civil and industrial construction works. Assets attached to the land: bridges, ports, embankments, railway stations, hospitals, schools. Appraise prices of residential land, specialized land, industrial land, agricultural land, real estate investment projects, resorts …

B. Price appraisal purpose:
– Valuation for mortgage, insurance, bank loans

– Valuation for the purpose of purchase, sale and transfer

– Valuation for the purpose of joint venture capital contribution

– Appraising prices for the purpose of asset division, asset handling in cases

– Appraising price for the purpose of proving study abroad assets and tourism

– Valuation for the purpose of compensation and complaint

– Valuation for the purpose of equitizing enterprises

C. Records provided:
– Certificate of LURC
– Notarized transfer contract
– Location map
– Building permit
– Status map
– Registration fee declaration
– Land lease agreement
– Completion minutes
– Completion drawings
– Drawings before leveling
– Contract of transportation and leveling
– The minutes of partial acceptance
– Certificate of construction ownership
– Minutes of construction inspection completed
– Profile of settlement
– Profile estimates
– Blueprint
– Current state drawing
– Construction contracts

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