About Us


Welcome to Saigon Appraise Assess Joint Stock Company (SAGONAP). SAGONAP was established under Business License No.0308923071 by the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City and is licensed to practice in the field of : Appraisal, Assessment, Investment Advisory, Technology Transfer Consultancy, Real Estate Consultancy, Civil Engineering Construction, Construction Quality Inspection, Providing Information on the internet Service, Vocational Training… and is one of the enterprises licensed to practice properties appraisal in Vietnam.

With the in-depth knowledge of Appraisal – Assessment field staff, SAGONAP provides our clients the best services. We always ensure our deeds with quickness, professionalism and that will meet all requirements and trust of clients.

SAGONAP with a nearly 100 nationwide staff of professional, dynamic, mastered knowledge, experienced progressive and constantly developing.

SAGONAP’s strategic partners are financial and banking organizations operating in Vietnam such as Vietcombank, Vietinbank, ABBank, BIDV, SeABank, Kien Long Bank…, Finance Departments, Businesses, Domestic and Foreign Economy Corporations operating in Vietnam, Real Estate Companies, Investors, State Land Fund Development Centers, Courts, Enforcement Departments, Compensation Committee…

SAGONAP aims to build a strong brand on the basis of improving internal resources, enlightenment in operation, social intergration in our business.


SAGONAP performs the following functions :

– Appraisal on Real Estate : townhouses, villas, Apartments, warehouses, factories, storage, yards, civil and industrial constructions, bridges, harbor, schools, universities, institutes, real estate invesment projects, resorts…

– Appraisal on Movable Assets : Machinery, production lines, ships, vessels, vehicles and any transport mean…

– Appraisal of investment projects.

– Appraisal of Business value and other types of assets.

– Assessment of Industry, construction works, damage and loss.

– Marine inspection, fire and technical risks. Judicial expertise.

– Investment and technology transfer consultancy.

The result of appraisal – assessment is conducted by a variety of methods according to standards in order to ensure the accuracy. The Certificate of Value by SAGONAP is fully legal and valid nationwide and is used for many different purposes such as : trading, transfer, mortgage, insurance, bank loans, capital contribution, joint venture, business establishment, compensation, dispute resolution, liquidation of assets, new purchases, demonstrating financial needs, property handling in cases…

SAGONAP is committed to working with a high sense of responsibility, deep understanding of every single area of activity and the highest attention to the needs of our clients.



SAGONAP aims to become the leading and most preferred service provider in Vietnam; with modern technology, dynamic, versatile, capable of competing with domestic and foreign companies operating in Vietnam. With the motto of action : “Professional – Quick – Accurate” and the word “Credibility” in all business activities.



– Providing clients with the best and most perfect services;

– Increasing benefits for shareholders;

– Towards the comprehensive and sustainable development of the Company;

– Keeps on learning, creating to reach for perfection.

– Cooperation and reliability are the driving force of success;

– Building a reliable and value-adding business for clients to be their best companion.

– Investing in human factors as a basis for long-term development;

– Creating the most favorable conditions for SAGONAP’s staff, advisory boards, collaborators of our SAGONAP’s big family.




SAGONAP stands for SaiGon Appraise Assess Company.

SAGONAP is pronounced Vietnamese as : Sa – Gô – Nap.

SAGONAP is trading name of Saigon Appraise Assess Joint Stock Company. The letter “O” is coloured red with upper and lower blue hooks (representing the mind, the eyes, the core) and is centered in the middle of a row of 7 letters showing the sophistication, consistency, professionalism of SAGONAP’s common development orientation. And it is also understood that, the brand is built by a process of persistent effort, and indispensable “Conscientiousness”


The symmetrical proportion of the lines of the logo, the middle letter “O” is plump, giving the regularity, balance, showing the spirit of solidarity and professionalism in every performance – SAGONAP Company reflects the Law : price always revolves around value, which is the core symbol in the operation of Appraisal – Assessment.

The logo also ensures feng shui elements according to Eastern indetity, structured by two colours (blue : harmonious development, solidarity – red : the source of  spiritual energy, physically expressing passion, creativity, luck and happiness) and 2 blocks of words and image connecting to each other expressing collective intelligence, connecting strength and thriving to perfection.

The harmonious combination of the two colours creates a strong symbol and represents a serious, responsible and committed work with the motto of action : “Professional – Quick – Accurate”, diversifying, intergrating, linking and delivering WORTHINESS OF VALUE results, reflecting the true value of assets.



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