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A. Object of Valuation:

– Machine, equipment, tools, tools, production lines, means of transport by road, river, sea, …

B. Price appraisal purpose:

– Valuation for mortgage, insurance, bank loans

– Valuation for the purpose of purchase, sale and transfer

– Valuation for the purpose of joint venture capital contribution

– Valuation for the purpose of asset division

– Valuation for the purpose of liquidation, auction, judgment execution

C. Records provided:
1. Machinery and equipment line:
– Economic contract of sale and purchase
– Liquidation records
– Handover and acceptance records
– Technical drawings
– Detailed purchase and sale invoices
– Catalogue….

2. Means of transport:
+ For cars:
– Vehicle registration certificates
– Motor vehicle insurance certificate
– Certificate of technical safety inspection and environmental protection of road motor vehicles

+ For ships:
– Certificate of inland waterway vehicle registration
– Minutes of technical inspection of inland waterway means
– Technical inspection book of inland waterway means
– Certificate of technical safety of inland waterway vehicles
– Ship certificate
– International dry leave certificate
– Certificate of preventing pollution caused by oil
– International certificate of ship security
– Profile design, drawing ….
– Contract of sale and purchase, transfer …
– Invoices, related documents, ..

3. Petrol station:
– Minutes of technical inspection of tanks
– CN paper eligible for petroleum business
– CN paper qualified and conditions for FPF
– Certificate of industrial safety testing
– Machinery and equipment line:
– List of assets required for price appraisal
– TK drawing
– Production process of the chain
– Invoice / Packing List (imported machinery and equipment)
– Handover and acceptance records
– Nail detail drawings, machine (if any)

4. New shopping assets:

– Report of approved asset procurement estimates
– Invoice documents (in case of liquidation)
– Catalog (if any)

5. Imported assets:
– Commercial contract
– Customs declaration
– Certificate of origin
– Quality inspection paper
– Purchase and sale invoices detailing …

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