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The monetary market continued to have positive improvements

That is the assessment of the National Financial Supervisory Commission on the monetary market in the first 9 months.
According to the National Financial Supervisory Commission, the liquidity of the banking system is strengthened and is quite abundant compared to the previous period because the growth rate of mobilization has always been much higher than the credit growth rate. use of the system.

Therefore, lending interest rates in the interbank market, although there are some sudden increase, have generally maintained stability with low interest rates (3-4%) in most time of the first 9 months.

Lending rates on mobilization in the market 1 as well as the mobilization rate from the market 2 / total assets of credit institutions are declining, showing positive signals when the risk level in the operation of the majority of banks Credit institutions and the whole system have decreased significantly.

Indeed, according to the SBV’s data, as of September 18, 2013, capital mobilization increased by 11.74%, of which VND deposits increased by 11.63% and foreign currency increased by 12.43%; Credit balance of the whole system increased 5.83% compared to the beginning of the year, of which credit in VND increased by 9.98%, foreign currency credit decreased by 13.05%.

The committee also assessed the foreign exchange market, the exchange rate from the beginning of the year has been quite stable and there are only a few small changes that are temporary and psychological.

“Foreign exchange market and exchange rate are likely to maintain stability in the last months of 2013 due to stable supply and demand of foreign exchange in the last months of the year, foreign currency reserves. continue to increase quite well, ”the committee said.


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